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Is Your Company Ready for a Moonshot?

*A moonshot is defined as an extremely ambitious and innovative project.

At Business2Mobile we are selective when accepting new clients and as such we have some pre-qualifiers to determine if you are ready for our help and expertise to move your company forward.
These are some of the traits our clients possess:
  • Our clients care about their business and want it to grow.
  • They have a strong vision for the future of their company.
  • They care about their team of employees and their well being.
  • They care about their community and the environment around them.
  • They recognize they need to improve efficiency of their operations.
  • They have tried boxed solutions or ‘one software fits all’ SAAS solutions.
  • They are open to change and transformation.
  • Their team recognizes the need for change.
  • They have money to invest in their tailored software solution.
  • They understand the importance of having a relationship

"We have seen ten's of thousands of dollars in additional revenues in the first few months of using our new application that Business2Mobile built for us. We already have plans to expand our application to include other business processes."

Steve Wilson, Owner
Wilson Bros. Enterprises
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