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10X vs 10%

Path to a Better Way

We understand a 10% or incremental change to your operational business process may bring temporary efficiency to your business. But this is not a long term solution and often still provokes the nagging statement,… ‘there has to be a better way’.

A better way requires a business process shift that requires monumental changes made to the operations of a business to vastly improve multiple aspects of its operations. We call this extreme ambition and innovation…a moonshot. It is here that a business may make 10x improvement or exponential transformation. It is here that the better way includes changes to processes within your company to reveal critical time-sensitive data collected in any environment whether it be in your office, warehouse, or out in the field with no network connection.


How does it work?

Unlike other disconnected systems that have been implemented in your company that tend to be ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG), we spend time learning about your company, your needs, and struggles before we build a tailored set of tools in the form of a mobile application.


We build your app to fit your needs. Nothing more… nothing less. That’s the best way!


A moonshot is defined as an extremely ambitious and innovative project.