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Where Creating Efficiencies in Your Business - is Our Business

Who Are We?

  • Our criteria at Business2Mobile is not traditional when it comes to who we are looking to hire. We strongly believe that the school of life and the efforts you put out in learning new things on your own time, are just as – if not more valuable, than those you learn in a classroom.
  • Are you a mom that is just getting into (or back into) the workforce but do not have the educational background to apply for career positions? ….. We value the skills you have developed managing your household, your children and the life experience you bring. As a parent, we know you have conflict resolution, time management & project management skills amongst many other skills you have developed staying home with your children. We don’t believe in punishing women for making that commitment and encourage you to apply – if you feel you have what it takes to work in our inclusive environment.
  • We believe in sharing the wealth with our team members. What this means is we believe in profit sharing with our team of employees, no matter what position they hold. Every member of our team is vital and as owners we believe our employees deserve to be well compensated. As we grow and prosper, our team will also grow and prosper.
  • We give our employees flexibility and autonomy. We know that family schedules can be hectic. We do provide employees the flexibility to work the hours that fit their schedule (when it doesn’t require another team members collaboration) as much as possible. 
  • We encourage volunteerism and community involvement and we reward our employees that go above and beyond within our community. 
  • We respect your time outside of work hours and do not expect you to be ‘always on or available’.  

“We aspire to have a reduced-hour work week, allowing for time for our team members to get involved in our community through volunteering and activities. We want to live our best lives and want our team to have the same opportunities as the ‘bosses’!” ~ Cheryll Wagner, CEO

What We Ask in Return?

  • Whether you are in the office or working from home on occasion we expect our employees to be present and focused during work hours.
  • We expect our team members to be adaptable as we are forever growing and changing.
  • We ask for honesty and integrity in and outside of our company. 
  • We expect that you uphold the law, and follow health guidelines for the safety of community.  
  • We expect professionalism.
    • Be respectful
    • Clean hygiene
    • No gossip
    • No religion or politics
    • No derogatory or inflammatory comments or actions
  • Our dress code is business casual or as we call it “be client ready”. 

How to Apply:

It is not important for you to have all the right answers, but it is important to try.