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Make informed decisions quickly - utilizing Operational Intelligence

Make better decisions based on complete and factual data on the go!

We Offer Mobile, Offline, Edge-of-the-Network Technology

We've spent years developing our offline first technology to serve the underserved businesses that don't always have access to network connections.

Our Operational Intelligence Specialists are Transforming the Resource Industry

We've taken what we've learned over the past 60 years - combined, working in the resource industry and applied operational intelligence to solve industry challenges.

Using Operational Intelligence to Streamline Your Business

Operational intelligence (OI) is a method of using real-time data and analytics to improve business operations. Business2Mobile’s approach to OI involves using an event-centric approach to gather data in the field or in the office, and using that data to detect inefficiencies and identify opportunities for improvement. The goal of OI is to empower a company’s employees to make better decisions based on complete and accurate data.

"We have seen ten's of thousands of dollars in additional revenues in the first few months of using our new application that Business2Mobile built for us. We already have plans to expand our application to include other business processes."

Steve Wilson, Owner
Wilson Bros. Enterprises
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Who is Our Client?

We don't just work with any business at Business2Mobile

Our clients are business-minded individuals who are committed to growing their company and have a clear vision for the future. They value their employees and the well-being of their team, as well as the community and environment around them. They understand the need to improve the efficiency of their operations and have tried other solutions such as ‘one software fits all’ SAAS solutions but found them lacking. They are open to change and transformation and their team also recognizes the need for it. They have the financial resources to invest in a tailored software solution to meet their specific needs

A Few Things We Really Rock At!




Our Traceability as a Service system utilizes Operational Intelligence to enhance business processes by continuously analyzing the root causes of anomalies and linking them to specific transactions and business activities. We utilize a variety of technologies to create a personalized solution that provides real-time monitoring and situation detection, event correlation, industry-specific dashboards and reporting, root-cause analysis, time series analysis, and trend analysis. This allows our clients to gain a better understanding of their operations and make more informed decisions.



Business2Mobile has developed a core technology that focuses on providing mobile offline capabilities for data collection, allowing users to gather data even when they are out of service range. This data is then synced with the main system once the user has returned to an area with service. This technology is particularly useful for businesses operating in remote or underserved areas, where internet connectivity is limited. This offline capability allows the businesses to continue their operations and collect data even when they are not connected to the main network, which allows for seamless integration of data once they are back online.



Our clients experience an invaluable evaluation of their current business process, and with well over 50 years of industry experience, our operational intelligence specialists are able to provide clear, high-value assessments of future process improvements that provide a very high return on investment. During our first consultation we will help to identify your key performance indicators (KPI) and build from there to ensure your business has the technology it needs to thrive and grow.
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Using Operational Intelligence (OI) to Support Your Business

Operational Intelligence (OI) can help small and midsize companies unlock new efficiencies and increase productivity by providing real-time monitoring, situation detection, event correlation, industry-specific dashboards, and reporting, root-cause analysis, time series analysis, and trend analysis. Our OI specialists work with clients to identify which segments of their business would benefit the most from OI technology. As OI systems continue to evolve, the need for human analysis in decision-making processes declines, and these course-corrections are increasingly automated through the use of machine-learning algorithms.


Eliminate stacks of paperwork by converting to submittable PDF forms with offline support.
We have the ability to convert all your HR documents, safety training, certifications & other important business forms into digital documents (with signatures) that can be filled out remotely, stored and submitted once in cell service. 


Download required project data before going out to the field and then forget that you are offline for data entry!
Your mobile crews can perform offline data entry on their remote job sites with little or no internet connection. Once the device returns to service, it will automatically update to the server and sync to all the devices. This is essential during shutdowns with multiple steps where internet connections can be non-existent.


Access data from any location while connected to the network. No files, no paper, and no time spent chasing anomalies.
Keep it simple and keep it centralized! All your data is accessible from anywhere you have a network connection. Access data based on user roles with the ability to download and access data to work beyond the network for months at a time and update the main database when you or your team enters back into a network service area.


When you improve workflow and create transparency in operations, succession planning becomes more attainable.
Poor planning often causes difficulties in selling or passing down a business. We assist companies to improve and manage business processes such as safety certification, operational accounting, project management, data collection and reporting ensuring compliance and increasing their ability to scale up or sell their businesses.