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This application will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete. The more complete and thorough your answers, the higher your chances of moving on to the next step in our hiring process. All fields must be filled in.

1. Personal Information
2. Informal Interview
3. Personality Assessment

Personality traits can help us to identify what role you would best be suited for. At Business2Mobile it is less about your formal education & more about who you are as a person that will determine if we are a good fit for each other. Having a degree does not ensure you are a shoe in for a position within our company.

I would describe myself as: (check all that apply)

Choose 5 of the personality traits above that you identify with the most and how they have helped you to develop into the person you are today.

4. Case Study

Choose a local industrial or resource company in Prince George. Identify 3 processes within that company (ie: training, safety certifications, onboarding, field data collection... etc.).

Assuming the company is doing all these processes manually, identify 3 ways in which the business process could be improved by following what we do on our website.(200 words max)

5. References (1 Personal, 2 Professional, 1 Community)

Last, but certainly not least. The pandemic has disrupted the world and has changed the way thousands of companies do business. In your own words, describe what you see that has changed, is it a good thing, bad thing or neutral. How do you see Business2Mobile addressing these changes for other companies?

Thank you for completing this application. If we are not currently hiring, we will keep your application on file. If there is an upcoming position that we feel you may be a fit for, we will contact you through the information you provided.