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Our Mission

Our mission at Business2Mobile is to use our skills & expertise to help people. 

Our Vision

July 2022

Our Vision is to grow the GDP in Northern BC. 


For the next five years, our focus will be to help as many northern companies – that want to grow, with our ground breaking approach using our expertise in operational intelligence and our technology to make moonshot (10x) type operational process improvements in their companies.

Our Values

Business2Mobile’s culture is driven by respect, transparency, and collaboration. We have zero tolerance in our team for disrespect, office politics or discrimination of any kind. We love radical candour and expect our team to speak up when an issue arises. We’re obsessed with two-way communication within our client applications and within our own team. We hate bureaucracy and slow-moving organizations – but we thrive on building well-defined processes for our clients.

Brand Promise

We offer strategic operational intelligence consulting and implementation using our cutting-edge mobile, offline, traceability as a service software (MOP).
  • We deliver custom software solutions
  • We solve unique northern problems
  • We create custom solutions that solve unique northern problems

Our Team

Our team boasts over 60 years of experience between us. We have an incredible amount of accumulated experience in programming structures, economic development, professional project management, dev ops and operational intelligence. 


Our Operational Intelligence specialists strive to build solutions that allow for continuous process improvement. This results in a measurable growth in revenues, a reduction of mistakes and anomalies and an increased capacity to take on new work.


Cheryll Wagner
CEO, OI Specialist

Entrepreneurial, Community Economic Development, Administration, Senior Front End Developer and Operational Process Consulting.

bart wagner

Bart Wagner
CTO, OI Specialist

Over 25 years of process management, programming and data analysis experience. Business Process Consultant


Colin Hamilton
OI Specialist

Project Management Professional, Operational Process Specialist. Strengths in people to people relationship building.

A Letter from our CEO

Cheryll Wagner

“We are here to get business owners excited about their business again” 

Three and a half years ago we embarked on a research and development journey at Business2Mobile to better serve our clients – industrial and resource industry businesses in Northern British Columbia. This involved an in-depth analysis on what makes business in the north different from our Southern counterparts that have so much of our Canadian technology infrastructure at their fingertips at any given time. In the north, we are spread out and spread thin. Our cellular and network towers are spaced sporadically along Highway 97 & Highway 16 with many dead spots in between. The spaces in between, and off the beaten path are where our clients live, work and travel within to do their jobs. They needed a northern solution, to solve a northern problem.


Although our personal values and mission were always a part of our business, they weren’t in the forefront and we did not always make decisions based on these beliefs. Today, I am happy to proclaim that our mission and our values in business are in full alignment with our team members values and our own personal missions.


Our mission is to help people. Our goal is to help business owners to get excited about working in their businesses again. We want them to spend less time worrying about the unknowns and give them the power and insight to make those informed transformational decisions on a daily basis so that when they leave work, they are not taking the burdens of being a business owner home with them.


Our clients have a strong vision for the future of their companies, and they care about their employees and their wellbeing. They care about their communities and the environment around them. They recognize that they have inefficiencies in the way they are operating their businesses and are wanting help to improve the efficiency of their operations. Their businesses are flourishing already but they want to launch their business to the moon with a 10x improvement moonshot. Why? Because they see the potential of taking bigger risks for transformational improvements vs small incremental changes.


We believe in building a solid foundation with our clients. We tailor our technology based on the detailed input we receive from our clients as the relationship forms. We believe in creating efficient, uncluttered, easy to adopt applications that do not have unwanted fluff and confusion.


We are here to help change the GDP in Northern BC by supporting incredible people in the various industries that we touch with our technology. Together, we believe that we can build resilience in the North and we can prosper together.