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There IS a Better Way!

If your current systems are limiting your growth, succession or capacity, and you have failed to find a system to suit your needs we can help.
Path to a Better Way

It Starts With a Conversation

Over a coffee & a slice of pie, one of our OI Specialists will meet with you to discuss your ideas for growth, succession and your current capacity - along with the challenges that prevent you from moving forward.
Path to Growth

Should We Do Business Together?

We are not for EVERY business. We have some qualifiers to pre-screen potential clients to ensure we are making the maximum impact on businesses in the North.
Path to Becoming Our Client
In House Financing
We understand the challenges of funding new innovations within a small to mid-sized company. We have removed this barrier to entry by providing in house financing options.
Path to the Piggy Bank

The Tech Speak

Learn more about what we do behind the scenes to tailor an application full of the tools you need to move your company forward.
Path to Complicated Knowledge

Business Evaluation

Our Operational Intelligence (OI) service includes a comprehensive assessment of a company's operations, providing a detailed report card that highlights areas of improvement and inefficiencies. We then use this information to create a tailored solution that addresses the specific needs of the company and helps to improve overall performance. This provides our clients with a clear path to improve their operations, increase efficiency, and drive business growth.

Your Tool Box

Our company offers proprietary technology that is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, as identified through our OI assessment process. As our clients' companies grow and evolve, we can adapt and expand the technology to continue to support their needs. This allows us to provide a long-term solution that can grow and change with the client's business, ensuring that they always have the tools they need to improve their operations and drive growth.


Business owners often turn to us when they want to significantly expand their companies, plan for succession, or make significant changes to their current multi-platform systems. With the help of our OI specialists, we can provide a comprehensive solution that helps businesses achieve their growth goals, plan for the future, and streamline their systems.

Business Consulting, Assessments, Proprietary technology, tailored solutions, growth, succession.

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