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“A client comes to us once they have tried some off the shelf products, and other out-dated solutions. The resource sector is completely underserved when it comes to technology. Our clients know what problem it is they need to solve, but have no idea how to go about solving it. That is where our expertise comes in. We solve very complex data conundrums that most small tech companies won’t touch. The more challenging the problem, the more we want to solve it.”


Eliminate stacks of paperwork by converting to submittable PDF forms with offline support.  We have the ability to convert all your HR documents, safety training/certifications & other important business forms into digital documents (with signatures) that can be filled out remotely, stored and submitted once in cell service. 

remote mobile data solutions 

The average manager in a 100 person camp would have a five-inch stack of paper at the end of each week. With safety certifications, paperwork, courses and policies to electronically format, the onboarding process can take weeks to complete. With our system an entire crew can be onboarded in just a few days. 

centralized data access

Rather than having 35 different laptops where everyone is working on individual spreadsheets, we create a database and application that is customized by role which connects the multiple layers of data together. All the information is centralized and updated in real-time (when online), so anyone with authorization can see work performed, cost of work, what has been invoiced and what has been paid.  No files, no paper and no time spent chasing anomalies.

Succession Planning

At Business2Mobile we look a succession planning from a technology standpoint.  Many of our clients are hoping to retire and pass the business to successors.  Often poor planning leads to owners being unable to sell or pass down their business.  

Business2Mobile helps companies improve and manage business processes such as safety certification, operational accounting, project management, data collections and mobile reporting. 

By improving the workflow and creating transparency in the everyday operations succession planning becomes more attainable.